Why AERO? With Aerials by AERO you can be sure that you are having drone footage shot by professional aerial cinematographers. We do this daily in solo productions (single piloted) but also in larger drone crews with separate pilots and payload camera operators. We are specialized and fully European Specific certified to fly everywhere you can imagine.

Using the latest technologies and newest drones, AERO captures aerial imagery that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

We have the following special exemptions and equipment.

  • Fully European Specific certified
  • Pilots with all licenses and skills
  • Payload camera operators with an eye for beautiful shots
  • RT license and VHF radio for flights in CTR areas at airports like Schiphol and Airport Rotterdam
  • Special long term night flight (Outside UDP) exemption
  • Industry and harbour areas exemption
  • Flying close to buildings which are part of the production
  • Flying close to and over people who are part of the production